Current roles we are recruiting for UK wide are:

  • Blockchain Architect (Crypto Currency focus), up to £80k-£120k.
  • Developers, various £35k-£100k .
  • Blockchain Architect (Voting/Smart Contract focus for a London startup), up to £90k.
  • Developers, various up to £80k.
  • CTO for a start up with 15 people but growth plans up to 40 in Y2, up to £90k, London.
  • CTO for Fintech Startup. Up to £175k, London.
  • Decentralized Systems Engineer, up to £80k.
  • Go Developer, up to £80k.
  • Pre Sales Engineer, up to £70k.
  • Javascript Developer, up to £55k (Blockchain Training Provided).
  • Platform Developer, up to £70k.

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